By Design or by Disaster Conference 2018: Commoning?!

conference BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER spring 2018

In spring 2018 the annual conference of the MA Eco-Social Design will take place at the Free University of Bozen–Bolzano.

The focus will be

Cultivating Commons* by Design – and the other way around.

22–24 March 2018

More information will come soon. Suggestions for talks, workshops and other interventions are welcome via email to Here you can get an idea about our last conference.

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* What are Commons? They are things/resources/projects that are managed by groups of people, who are not owners, but rather co-responsible and more or less equal users and/or creators. An example for traditional commons are communal meadows (to graze cows, etc), a modern one is Wikipedia (and many other peer-to-peer and open source initiatives). The verb commoning emphasizes that commons have to be created, designed, maintained, defended and/or reclaimed. Commoning is gaining traction as an alternative mode of practicing economies and cultures. More and more designers are engaging in commoning.

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