A Queer-Feminist Land Experiment

We want to introduce you to our queer feminist land project GemSe. GemSe was bought in 2021 and in this first year, a lot of things happened here. GemSe are four fixed residents and a lot of satellite supporters. We organize ourselves in working groups (mostly online) linking finances, processes, energy, share privileges and many more.

* caminando preguntamos – a saying of the Zapatisa movement in Mexico, which means: asking questions while we are walking

* smash patriarchy – we honour the importance of the (queer-)feminist movement

* lieber 1000 Freund*innen im Rücken, als eine Bank im Nacken – we bought GemSe with private loans and not with bank loan

A queer feminist project location is currently developing in the countryside (since December 2021) A place for experimenting with other life plans as well as a space for learning and working is born. We are inspired by the idea to create a place which can serve as refuge and transformation – including the next generations. In the current state of the world – with resurging fascism and right-wing, patriarchal positions as well as all-devouring capitalism and its consequences, it seems more reasonable than ever to create places where change can be implied, places of movement and encounter. 

Roselies Haider (pronoun lie)
Born in 1986 in Enns/Austria. Studied 2005-2009 BA International Development and 2008-2012 MA Gender Studies in Vienna. Worked as Trainer with Students and Kids. Moved to Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl in Styria. A small collective farm. Last years apprenticeship as an electrician and co-founding of GemSe.

Katrin Schickengruber (pronouns she/her)
Born in 1980 in Graz/Austria. Studied Landscape Architecture in Vienna 1998-2006, where she got in touch and fell in love with feminism. She moved to Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl in Styria where she lived from 2007 to 2019. There she worked seasonally as a sheep shearer and all year as a sheep farmer and also started an electrical apprenticeship. She works now as an independent electrician in Carinthia/Koroška. Co-Founder of GemSe.

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