Borgata is a short documentary that portrays the life of a rural settlement in the Langhe hills of Piemonte, backstory of a dry landscape dominated by the monocultural production of grapes and hazelnut. The silent story of a young community that settles in an ancient farmhouse, struggling for the creation of a “new meaning” in the context of a systemic crisis.

The filmmakers immerse themselves in the “Borgata” for two weeks. Documenting closely the emotional tensions of a courageous lifestyle that embodies “Degrowth” as an act of redemption and innovation.

§AME in the Hut is an itinerant design duo (Spini brothers) led by the question What form does the eco-social transition take?. A pilgrimage moving toward the investigation of today’s “re-organization” culture. To understand and communicate the existence of alternative life patterns.“We move across, dusty ruins, ancient farmhouses, and forgotten churches, our boots stumble in the shards of broken cultures, to catch the glints of hope. We live decadence to seek rebirth.”

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