The Workstorming conference will take place 23-24 September at NOI TECHPARK and in many various places in Bolzano-Bozen and online. On the 24 September in the afternoon activities moves to the hier & da festival in Obervinschgau-Alta Val Venosta.     


8.30Check-in → Noi Techpark Bolzano
9.30 Katharine McKinnon → Community Economies, Sustainable Communities
9.50Kate Rich → Transformation within organizations
10.30Coffee & Discussion
11.00Workshops Session A
Simon & Janine → Y/our little transformagency
Maurizio Teli
→ Design Research
Julia Sauter → The idea machine
Martina Dandolo → What we don’t see
13.00Social Lunch
15.007 x 7 talks
Iske Conradie → I’m a Freelancer Entrepreneur
Carola Kurz → Caution! Humans at work
Johannes Muensch
→ From waste to serendipity
Nicole Hambach Thaler
→ ?
Sven Kammerer
→ Culture Craft Objects
Nikolai Freiherr von Frandis
→ How to deal with wicked problems
Sabina Enéa Téari (Foresta Collective)
→ On Ecosystems of Work: Inner and Outer
15.50Mind and body stretching
16.10Ruben Pater → CAPS LOCK
16.30Ella Lagé → Transformation within organisations
16.50Maurizio Teli → Design Research
17.10Coffee & Discussion
18.00Social Aperitivo
8.30Check-in → Noi Techpark Bolzano
9.00Connecting the dots
9.30Book Presentation → Traversing Territories
10.30Body & Coffee
11.00Workshops Session B
Sabina Enéa Téari (Foresta Collective) → On Ecosystems of Work: Inner and Outer
Fritz → Revolutionary Affinity Groups – Towards life-long political work!
Annette Weisser → NameGame
Paolo Roberti → The good, the ugly, and the economist
13.00(non) Social Lunch
14.30Workshops results
15.00Next Steps & Good-Bye
16.00Travel to Obervinschgau →  hier & da festival