Isacco Chiaf: 
Designing reportage – A survival guide

Friday, March 10, 18:00 – 18:55


With the advent of the internet, journalism is changing at the speed of light. And so is the way we assimilate our news.

News and informations are taking countless forms, displayed on different platforms and devices, embracing new media and format.

If on one hand today’s media-scape is offering a vast amount of possibilities for telling stories, on the other hand the publishing industry is facing a dire financial crisis, making it more difficult for journalists to produce in depth reporting journalism.

How can we find a solution to this? How can graphic design help newspapers to engage audience with new formats, even on a limited budget?

But most importantly, what are the best practices to develop complex reporting project, from fundraising to publishing strategies?

Short Bio

Isacco Chiaf is a graphic designer and visual journalist with a particular focus on developing interactive web documentary, data visualization, motion graphics and video reportage.

Since 2012 he collaborate with several media outlet in the realization of multimedia project on various topic. Amongst other he has been working with AlJazeera (Qatar) Internazionale (Italy) Der Spiegel (Germany) El Pais (Spain).

In 2016 he took part at the NieuwsHub as design director. NieuwsHub is a department of the National Flemish Television (VRT), with the purpose to develop new on-line publication strategies and widening their internet audience.

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Suggested Readings

  • The laws of Simplicity (John Maeda, 2006)
  • Remediation: Understanding New Media (Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, 1999)
  • Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury, 1951)


Politics? One column, two sentences, a headline! Then, in mid-air, all vanishes! Whirl man’s mind around about so fast under the pumping hands of publishers, exploiters, broadcasters, that the centrifuge flings off all unnecessary, time-wasting thought!

– Ray Bradbury

Nei giorni del massacro di Tien An Men, la CNN trasmetteva in diretta dalla piazza e molti giornalisti preferivano stare nella loro camera d’albergo davanti al televisore invece di andare a vedere di persona[…] quella diventava la verità; la sola. Inutile cercarne un’altra.

– Tiziano Terzani

Society doesn’t need newspaper, it needs journalism.

– Clay Shirky