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By Design or by Disaster Conference, 10-11 March 2017, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

What are existing and emergent Eco-Social Design practices? How do they sustain livelihoods and encourage sustainability transition? DoD17 brings together inspiring practitioners to understand how to do better! Cases, best practices, strategies and ways to develop, manage and maintain Eco-Social Design practices that are sustainable, also economically.

We understand Eco-Social Design as a diverse set of design practices and projects that want to contribute to a much needed transformation of the relations among humans and between humans and nature, in order to move towards more sustainable, non-alienated, resilient, just and equitable futures — both locally and trans-locally. However, in today’s economic and political landscape designers often struggle to keep their Eco-Social Design practices viable.

In this conference we explore what actors and support structures can economically sustain change-oriented design projects as well as long-term Eco-Social practices. We want to discuss this in the light of plausible and desirable futures of work in general — considering key drivers of change like progressing automation, demographic change and migration, put into perspective by alternative programs of progress like post-growth and Eco-Social transition.



alternative / emergent practices, collaboration, cooperation, organisation, management, fair business models, cooperative enterprises, social entrepreneurship, funding, fund raising, support structures, new institutional arrangements and alliances, alternative economies, commoning, diversification / mixed income strategies, networking, promotion, daring, trial & error, …



Students of design, design practitioners, design researchers, academics with a focus on sustainability-related issues, social enterprises, activists, citizens interested in sustainability



Included is the the 2-day conference ticket and catering during the breaks.

Students: Free

Teachers and researchers at UniBZ: 50€

Folks with a decent income: 90 €



Some suggestions, sorted by price (from low to high): 

You will get a discount if you say you attend this event.


Getting here

We suggest taking the train to Bolzano, the distances in the town are easily walkable.

Folks who want to come by car should use public parking garages. Finding a parking spot in the city is very hard and not recommended.





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