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Open State pioneers, fosters, and scales the tools for a livable society and thriving economy beyond consumerism. Jannis and Sven are co-founders of Open State. Sven previously worked (and works) as an organizational developer, systemic process consultant and communications expert in different settings, the last four years at BMW Foundation. He is a philosopher and economist by education, and later pursued a research master`s in Asian Studies with a focus on sustainability science and social innovation. In an earlier life he worked at a bank and accidentally studied the flaws of our financial system. He also run an internet startup during high school.

Jannis has previously worked as a social worker and pedagogue for several years. Being confronted with the symptoms of our current social and economic systems, he now sets his focus on organizational development and facilitating groups in collaborative processes. He aims to unfold the vast potentials for the better future he knows is possible. His expertise as a social permaculture designer, experimental education trainer and dragon dreaming coach shapes his methodology of creating holistic experiences to empower people.

Our present and near future is characterized by an unprecedented economic and cultural transition: Climate crisis, refugee crisis, financial crisis. Deadlock situations in many organizations, and outdated societal and economical models that can no longer keep pace with the overwhelming complexity.

Global wicked problems like climate change cannot be tackled with one „mega plan“. We need new instruments and we need them fast. At Open State we believe that global networks and superfast iterating search movements are important parts of the solution: Assuming, prototyping, and testing multiple approaches in parallel, taking further what works while dismissing early what doesn´t.

Therefore we don´t preach, but do get our hands dirty. We create fully immersive events from 2 days to 2 months in duration involving 4 to 400 participants. Together we prototype “what could and should be”. Living and working together forms strong bonds, common knowledge, and transformative experiences, the basis for a culture that stimulates sustainable innovation.

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  • Why is it that most people love Star Wars, go to the movies to cheer for the rebels, but blindly serve the Imperium once they leave the theater?