Conference on Design and Communication for Eco-Social Transitions

2 - 7 May 2016
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano | Italia

with Dagmar Diesner & Massimo De Angelis, Alastair Fuad-Luke, Marguerite Kahrl, Ezio Manzini, Christa Müller, Open State/POC21, the students of the MA in Eco-Social Design and its teachers (Andrea De Chirico, Amin Al Hazwani, Kris Krois, Matteo Moretti, Kuno Prey)

Registration for the workshop is closed. For "Talks & Talking" you can still register at the conference

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6 + 7 May, Friday afternoon + Saturday morning
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Into the doing! Presentation and discussion of best practices and projects of effective eco-social transitions towards desirable and viable futures. With a particular attention to design and communication.

What is the doing doing? What are the effects of the exemplary practices and projects? What are strengths and weaknesses of certain types of practices or projects? What are their potentials, limitations and risks? How do we get an idea of the effects? How to measure or evaluate them?

(suggested by Alastair Fuad-Luke. Thank you!)


2 - 6 May, Monday - Friday

Community Garden Unibz

Lead by Open State / POC21. Read more about it on the program page.

Registration for the workshop is closed. For "Talks & Talking" you can still register at the conference


Students of the Master in Eco-Social Design exhibit their works, which are developed within the annual topic of the first year:
ESSEN /ALIMENTARE/FOOD – from agriculture to table culture.

This year the conference goes along with the sustainability festival organized by students of the university, 5 – 7 May. While the festival tackles all kind of sustainabilty-related issues, the By Design or by Disaster (DoD16) focusses on design and communication for sustainable developments, as already on the conferences By Design or by Disaster 2013 and Glocal Design Spring 2015. DoD16 and the sustainability festival join forces for the hands-on workshop, where the community garden of unibz will be created. Friday afternoon and Saturday will be dedicated to Talks & Talking, with our guests from Art, Design, Activism and Social Sciences.


Universitätsplatz 1 - piazza Università , 1
I - 39100 Bozen-Bolzano

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